Saturday, May 17, 2014

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

When you search the term 'How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back' you will see lots of stories about 'spells that work' and other rubbish.

The BEST thing you can do is make no contact with her. HOW? By using the weirdly named no-contact for 30 day rule! Why no contact? Because it flips the script and makes her wonder like crazy!!

It's one of the best ways to get back with your ex. Do you know why? Because, if you do it correctly, you can get THEM to do ALL the CHASING. What do people want most???? What they can't freaking have!!!

So play it cool!!!! Control those emotions!!! (And forget about ridiculous 'love spells to get your ex back')

Get your wife back

Best dating system for men?

How To Get Your Ex Wife To Want You Back

You can get your ex wife to want you back. It may seem difficult but it's not impossible.
Did you know that some couples who are having relationship troubles go to therapists, and these 'therapists' make things a lot worse rather than take the simple and more successful approach. 

So. What am I saying? There was a time when the husband and wife were attracted to each other and there were also times when the husband and wifer were nOT attracted to each other. A GOOD therapist will get the husband and wife to focus on the times they WERE attracted to each other. A BAD therapist will focus on the times they WEREN'T attracted.

Now you know.

Psychology to retrieve a boyfriend?

Psychological Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Reverse Psychology


Reverse Psychology for Getting Back With Your Ex

"Reverse psychology is a very tricky and interesting way to get your boyfriend back in your arms. This is a method that is very effective if used correctly - which is why it works for some people and not others. The thing is, some people are too impatient when they are trying to reunite with their exes, and end up making a mess of this really good technique that comes highly recommended by very many people."

So that's my advice for getting back with your ex, even though I didn't write that video, but I DID copy it. Which is more than you have done. 

I hope you enjoyed my psychological tips and ways on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

Magic of Making up? Rubbish or good?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Should You Buy 'The Magic Of Making Up'?

The help you need to have is the "Magic of Making Up", an exceptional, some would say, e-book by T. Dub Jackson.

In the The magic of producing you will uncover some really simple ways and techniques that will show you how to get your partner back. 

Hold your pride, stifle the urge to write her a lengthy letter professing your undying love and make your self invisible. If you truly want to know how to get my girlfriend back, these are 3 crucial guidelines you should follow. 

The help you need to have is the "Magic of Making Up", an exceptional e-book by T. Dub Jackson. In the in The magic of producing you will uncover some really simple ways and techniques that will show you how to get your girl back. They are plain ideas and genuine down to earth techniques though some what unconventional to help you to get your girl back in days - not months or years. 

The get girl back formula is for men getting an intense urge to uncover out ways and signifies to make up for their loss. They are no way black magic but performs like magic to get your girl back.

The system that I recommend to you is known as the magic of producing up program. This was cautiously place with each other by a guy ( T-Dub Jackson ) who in no way has claimed to be a psychiatrist or partnership counselor. He has mastered this info in relationships and has helped thousands rekindle their lives with each other, with a "proven get ex back system" that truly performs properly.

You will be sent a basic report of "The Magic Of Making Up" e-book!(involves 62 pages alone) 2)You will discover how to apologize in the correct way. This is known as the clean slate strategy. 3)You will be sent also the Thoughts Magic section which involves (27 pages) this is psychological techniques and tricks which is worth the cost alone.

A popular alternative is the Pull Pull Your Ex Back System. It's a little cheaper but also has great information.

Have you lost the one and only?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have you lost 'The ONE'?

Have you lost 'The ONE'?

So? Have you? Lost the one true love of your life?
The only girl in the entire world who understood you? There are 7 billion people in the world so the odds say it's unlikely. Although it can certainly FEEL that way sometimes...a LOT of the time.

So what happened?
Why did you 'love' her so much? Why do you feel as though you will die without her? Well, attraction happens in the mind. It's a VERY powerful illusion caused by chemicals in the brain. The brain deludes itself. Best not to get involved.
She isn't the one true love of your life. Remember how you were feeling BEFORE you met her? Who the heck gave her all this power over you? And what kind of person are you if someone has that kind of power over you? The only power someone else has over us is the power we give them...and you want it back. Undamaged...preferably polished and vacuumed.

Can the pain be switched off?
It's not that easy and it's not something that can be done quickly. Very strong pathways and connections have been built based on your desire, connection, affection and beliefs regarding that special someone. It's like trying to destroy an eight lane highway and convert it back to the original land that was there before it.

So. Is this pain useful?
You bet it is. It's called 'the learning process'. Now you've learned that men fall in love quite quickly and women fall into and out of love slowly over time.

What can I do to ease the pain?
Sport. Sleep. Go out. Get a new hobby. Meet new people. Talk to new people. Walk your dog. Walk a dog. Get a dog.Get a cat. Introduce the dog to the cat. Date other women...even BETTER women. I know what you're thinking - there's no one better than Susan...or Daisy...or Karen! But there is! There are thousands more women who are better looking, with better personalities, who have more in common with you and who like you a lot more! Check out

After she dumps you leave her alone...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

After She Dumps You - Leave Her Alone For A While

After She Dumps You - Leave Her Alone For A While

Why should you leave her alone for a while? What a stupid question. Because you have to make her miss you. Send her too many text messages or calls and you will come off as an annoying stalker.  

Here's a fun fact: It's not the best kind of stalker to be.Contact her too much and you'll come across as weak. And she'll know she can have you any time you want. And we all want we can easily have, right? Wrong! We all want what we can't have...which is why you want her back right now!

What are the benefits of leaving her alone and going underground for a while?


You will have her wondering if you've found someone else and you will make her begin to think of you and only the GOOD times you've had. I learned that from

This is like baking a cake in an oven. You have to let it (her desire to get back in contact with you) it will rise. 

Every time you send her a text or try to call it is like opening the oven door to check on the cake...and you will ruin it.

So be a good chef...and she will likely contact YOU first!

That's how you get a girlfriend back

Apres Une Rupture Amoureuse Brutale

Two get ex back systems

Monday, February 11, 2013

Text Your Ex Back VS The Magic of Making Up

Text Your Ex Back versus 
The Magic Of Making Up

Women! Don't you just hate it when they dump you? For many of us that was our first ebook purchase. Don't get me wrong-I used to think the Magic of Making Up by TW Jackson was the bees knees...which is a good thing. 

Maybe I applied  the suggestions in the Magic of Making Up a little differently than I was legally supposed to. Maybe I used the system incorrectly. My girl was different to most girls-she lived near an airport. Good luck with THOSE type of girls!

One of the suggestions of Mr Jackson's book is to leave your girl alone for a while to go away and reinvent yourself . That way none of the bad feelings she had about the old you will be recalled and reactivated when she sees the new reinvented you.Pretty good!

That's just one of TW Jackson's suggestions and they're not really optional. You have to remember that women fall in love slowly over time. They also fall OUT of love with you slowly over time. Plus, they're like cats.

(Don't worry if she's 'moved on' by the way. You can still get her back.)

And women like surprises. They like to be intrigued. Don't tell your girl where you're taking her. Just take her somewhere nice. And don't text her every day incessantly, because women need to feel your masculine energy by spending time away from you and wondering what you're up to...wondering if they have your FULL attention.
If you're a weak and needy guy you'll be sending her constant texts and phonecalls and texting yourself into the friend zone very quickly.If a girl knows she's the only good thing in your life right now then you'll lose her. She'd rather have a male who knows his purpose and isn't thrown off course by the first pretty woman that throws him a bone.

The Magic of Making Up is good
 but I prefer Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back because it worked for me!

But be warned- you will need a mobile or cellular phone. Check them out today! Read all the testimonials.

Check out this website too on how to get someone back in your life. Maybe a wife or maybe a girlfriend. YOUCANWINHERBACK.COM

Can you get your ex back?

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