Monday, February 11, 2013

Text Your Ex Back VS The Magic of Making Up

Text Your Ex Back versus 
The Magic Of Making Up

Women! Don't you just hate it when they dump you? For many of us that was our first ebook purchase. Don't get me wrong-I used to think the Magic of Making Up by TW Jackson was the bees knees...which is a good thing. 

Maybe I applied  the suggestions in the Magic of Making Up a little differently than I was legally supposed to. Maybe I used the system incorrectly. My girl was different to most girls-she lived near an airport. Good luck with THOSE type of girls!

One of the suggestions of Mr Jackson's book is to leave your girl alone for a while to go away and reinvent yourself . That way none of the bad feelings she had about the old you will be recalled and reactivated when she sees the new reinvented you.Pretty good!

That's just one of TW Jackson's suggestions and they're not really optional. You have to remember that women fall in love slowly over time. They also fall OUT of love with you slowly over time. Plus, they're like cats.

(Don't worry if she's 'moved on' by the way. You can still get her back.)

And women like surprises. They like to be intrigued. Don't tell your girl where you're taking her. Just take her somewhere nice. And don't text her every day incessantly, because women need to feel your masculine energy by spending time away from you and wondering what you're up to...wondering if they have your FULL attention.
If you're a weak and needy guy you'll be sending her constant texts and phonecalls and texting yourself into the friend zone very quickly.If a girl knows she's the only good thing in your life right now then you'll lose her. She'd rather have a male who knows his purpose and isn't thrown off course by the first pretty woman that throws him a bone.

The Magic of Making Up is good
 but I prefer Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back because it worked for me!

But be warned- you will need a mobile or cellular phone. Check them out today! Read all the testimonials.

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