Thursday, February 14, 2013

After She Dumps You - Leave Her Alone For A While

After She Dumps You - Leave Her Alone For A While

Why should you leave her alone for a while? What a stupid question. Because you have to make her miss you. Send her too many text messages or calls and you will come off as an annoying stalker.  

Here's a fun fact: It's not the best kind of stalker to be.Contact her too much and you'll come across as weak. And she'll know she can have you any time you want. And we all want we can easily have, right? Wrong! We all want what we can't have...which is why you want her back right now!

What are the benefits of leaving her alone and going underground for a while?


You will have her wondering if you've found someone else and you will make her begin to think of you and only the GOOD times you've had. I learned that from

This is like baking a cake in an oven. You have to let it (her desire to get back in contact with you) it will rise. 

Every time you send her a text or try to call it is like opening the oven door to check on the cake...and you will ruin it.

So be a good chef...and she will likely contact YOU first!

That's how you get a girlfriend back

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